We have scoured the internet to find you the most interesting, funniest, and thought provoking science podcasts out there. Whether you are trying to broaden your knowledge on a particular subject or just keep up with the latest news, you can be sure to find something here. 


Whether it is asking Dr Careers, Dr ChemNet or each other for help, there is always a new set of discussions taking place on ChemNet for you to get involved with. Don't forget if you find anything on the internet that you want to show the rest of your ChemNet friends, use the ShareIn button in your browser. 


Your latest ChemNet Competition is live. Test yourself on your knowledge of the Chemistry in Technology. Whether its your smartphone, your tablet, headphones, camera or even hoverboard, Chemistry plays a vital part in making sure we continue to make incredible innovations. Show what you know.


Our events are taking place all across the UK and Ireland. Don't forget to keep checking the map to find out when the next ChemNet event is near you. Don't forget to check out some of the events held by other science supporters too.  



Are you a teacher?

If the answer is yes then we are really glad that you have found us. ChemNet is for students between 14-18 providing chemistry help and support. Whilst it is strictly a no teacher zone, the Royal Society of Chemistry has lots of resources available for teachers too. See just a few below: 

ChemNet Events - Why not take a look at our list of events. Whether its a careers event, and industry visit or an experimental trip, see what your class would like to attend and bring them along.  
Talk Chemistry - A community, hosted on MyRSC for all those teaching the chemical sciences. Here you can share resources, tips, and discuss anything which may be of interest.
Learn Chemistry - Learn Chemistry has hundreds of resources to help you teach chemistry. Our teaching section features chemistry demonstrations, assessment tools, handouts and worksheets, from primary age to HE.
Education In Chemistry - News, opinion and features from Education in Chemistry, the voice of innovative chemistry teaching and best practice


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