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We know all of you love to find out a little bit more about science, after all, why else would you join ChemNet. We have searched the breadth of the internet to discover some of the best podcasts available. Some will discuss a topic in depth, some have a humourous look at the weekly science news, and some drift into subjects outside of pure science, but you are guaranteed to learn lots from each of them. 





Probably Science
A funny look at the week in science. 
Professor Blastoff
Not just science but, philosphy and metaphysics...
A show about curiosity.
99% Invisible
A Tiny radio show about design and architecture.




Quirks and Quarks
Bringing you to the cutting edge of scientific enquiry
Star Talk
Radio show devoted to all things space...with Neil deGrasse Tyson.
Stuff To Blow Your Mind
Exploring the science behind fringe phenomenon.
The Infinite Monkey Cage
Brian Cox and Robin Ince bring a humourous look at science. 




Story Collider
Everyone has a story about science. This is where they live.
60 Second Science
Bite-sized daily podcasts focusing on topical science.   
No Such Thing As A Fish
The QI Elves share their most interesting discoveries. 
An entertaining source for science stories and news.